Get a robot working in your factory in days, not months

We build robot solutions for SMB manufacturers and deploy them faster than traditional system integrators.

Robot systems built to tackle

  • Palletizing

  • Machine Tending

  • Kitting

  • And more

How it works

We quickly teach robots new tasks to help streamline your manufacturing process. After a quick site visit, we'll pinpoint the best spots for automation and set up a robot that you can rent monthly.


Site Visit

We come to your facility to identify the best areas that could benefit from automation.


Robot Training

We swiftly program a robot to perform the tasks you need, making sure it meets your specific requirements.



We set up the robot at your location, ensuring a smooth integration with your existing operations. You then pay a monthly rental fee.

Services - We help you identify the best opportunities in your facility for automation.

  • Flexible Rental. Monthly rentals make it easier to scale automation efforts without major investment.
  • Quick ROI. Realize ROI faster with Robots as a Service.
  • No Expertise Required. We'll handle the robot programming and deployment, included in the monthly rental cost.
  • Address Labor Shortages. Automate routine tasks, freeing up your workforce for more strategic roles.

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